About me

Talking about things didn’t always do the trick for me. Experiencing, feeling and experimenting were keywords that worked for me, so those are still words guiding my practice. Because, everyone experiences their own unique barriers and issues, the best solutions are therefore equally unique.

As an athlete I noticed quickly that one-size-fits-all solutions more often than not did not fit me. I have always been a wilful athlete, my mental training was no exception. After a lot of experimenting I found a way that worked for me. My way turned out to be less analytical, not too much talking, not too much emphasis on learning how to think. My way to be mentally stronger was through my body. I had to learn to feel, trust and learn in a physical way to be able to make the maximum use of my head.

When burnout and chronic pain forced me to stop sports I had to use all my mental power for rehabilitation. That helped me realise how psychologically similar elite sports and rehabilitation are.

At the moment I enjoy working with elite and talented athletes, performers in other fields, clients going through chronic pain or burnout, and rehabilitation clients.