After years of performing on high levels of sport myself I have specialized in the mental aspect of performance. I never identified as a ‘talented athlete’, but by training efficiently and performing at my maximal potential on competitions I still managed to get by on the highest levels. The skills I acquired in sports also helped me to perform on high levels in academics. Planning, goalsetting and regulating stress. Managing expectations, communicating with those around me and dealing with setbacks. Working really hard, but mostly working really efficient!

After a bachelor and master in psychology I specialized in sport and exercise psychology, that culminated in the founding of Mental Power Training. Because I firmly believe that mental power training is of equally importance as physical training. I also believe that the benefits from mental power training will help you be better at anything you do, not only in sports but also in your life after sports.

I have gained experience in working with ice hockey, gymnastics, dressage, short track, power lifting, bodybuilding, pole dancing, track and field, swimming, field hockey, skûtsjesilen and equestrian vaulting. Next to my own sports, pole dancing and equestrian vaulting, I also have a soft spot for eSports. eSports are a growing field where performance depends on mental skills and psychological readiness more than in any other sport.