Mental Power Training – Rehabilitation, pain and burn-out

Rediscovering your own boundaries, overcoming your fear to move, enhancing your self confidence, learning to physically relax, reconnecting with your body and defeating undermining thoughts.

Pain, disease and other physical restrictions are a heavy burden for your body as well as your mind. In consequence your movements become restricted, your comfort zone reduced and you see your potential shrink before your eyes. This can look like rigidity – moving less and less, or boundlessness – no longer feeling the feedback your body provides.

In a safe, playful atmosphere we will use a combination of talking, exploring and moving to learn to feel again, with a lot of room to experiment with different solutions. In the gymnastics hall you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, both mentally and physically. Together we will try to identify barriers you run into in your daily life, to re-experience and resolve them in a playful way. That could be by learning to physically relax, by noticing when your head is interfering or by having to voice your own boundaries.