Mental Power Training – Sport and performance

On the highest levels of sports physical fitness, technique and tactics are all crucial. However, to be able to perform at the critical moment, to get the most from your practice time and to be able to handle pressure mental power is equally important.

That is the same for other types of performance, be it in music, business or law enforcement.

The physical and mental are inseparably intertwined, one doesn’t go without the other. Mental stress has physical responses, and your physical state has a pronounced effect on your psychological wellbeing. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that mental power training is strongest when the physical and the mental are combined.

In a playful environment we will work to find your personal barriers and the solution that suits you. For example, learning to physically relax, learning to deal with pressure, stress or distractions, or defeating your fears.

In a combination of talking, exploring and moving we are making you mentally stronger. By doing things instead of just talking about them you can improve faster and learn to apply your best suited solutions right away, which will make transferring your mental power skills to your daily practice sessions so much easier.